Product Summary

The K7M803625B-QC75 is a 9,437,184 bits Synchronous Static SRAM. Asynchronous inputs of the The K7M803625B-QC75 includes the sleep mode enable (ZZ) . The K7M803625B-QC75 is implemented with high performance CMOS technology and is avaiable in 100pin TQFP and Multiple power and ground pins minimize ground bounce.


K7M803625B-QC75 absolute maximum ratings: (1) Voltage on VDD Supply Relative to VSS, VDD: -0.3 to 4.6V; (2) Voltage on Any Other Pin Relative to VSS, VIN: -0.3V to VDD +0.3V; (3) Power Dissipation PD: 1.6W; (4) Storage Temperature TSTG: -65 to +150°C; (6) Operating Temperature Commercial TOPR: 0 to 70°C, Industrial TOPR: -40 to +85°C; (7) Storage Temperature Range Under Bias TBIAS: -10 to +85°C.


K7M803625B-QC75 features: (1) 3.3V+0.165V/-0.165V Power Supply; (2) I/O Supply Voltage 3.3V+0.165V/-0.165V for 3.3V I/O or 2.5V+0.4V/-0.125V for 2.5V I/O; (3) Byte Writable Function; (4) Enable clock and suspend operation; (5) Single READ/WRITE control pin; (6) Self-Timed Write Cycle; (7) Three Chip Enable for simple depth expansion with no data contention; (8) interleaved burst or a linear burst mode; (9) Asynchronous output enable control; (10) Power Down mode; (11) 100-TQFP-1420Al; (12) Operating in commercial and industrial temperature range.